Wayde van Niekerk is a South African track and field sprinter who competes in the 200 and 400 metre races. His personal best times are 19.94 seconds and 43.48 seconds for both distances.


He has previously held the South African records for both distances and currently he holds the record for the 400 metre race.


He is the first athlete to run a 100 metres under 10 seconds, 200 metres under 20 seconds and 400 metres in under 44 seconds.

Getting To Know The Real Wayde

“Playing sports has always been in my blood.” – Wayde van Niekerk

While growing up, Wayde’s entire family took part in and supported an array of different sports. His interests have always been in athletics, and he enjoyed this as part of the sporting segment he wanted to be involved in. He began to focus on athletics and consider it as a viable career path in 2010 when he represented the country in a competition that saw him come out on top. His performance was better than he had expected.

“I consider myself as a simple and disciplined guy.” – Wayde Van Niekerk

Wayde spends his time off the track with his family. He makes a conscious effort to maintain a balanced lifestyle so that he can face each day and whatever challenges and obstacles it may bring.

“I enjoy listening to all music genres.” – Wayde Van Niekerk

Wayde he is enjoys listening to hip-hop music and is inspired and motivated by the message in many of his favourite artists’ songs. He lists J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 300 and Wale as his top favourite artists who get his head bobbing and feet tapping.

“I always put God first.” – Wayde van Niekerk

The famous track and field sprinter puts God first in all that he does.

His advice to young and aspiring athletes and all young people is that they should focus on four areas of their lives to increase the chances of success. These are: spiritual health, mental well-being, physical health and building and maintaining healthy relationships by surrounding yourself with positive people.

Wayde does not identify with only one person to look up to. He is inspired and learns from the people he meets and takes away something from each person’s character.

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Leveraging synergies of disrupting markets by exceeding expectations through determination of steel, resilience and a firm commitment to South Africa

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South African athlete Wayde van Niekerk donated half a million rand to the Newborns Groote Schuur Trust to benefit premature babies on Thursday.

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Wayde van Niekerk, a gold medalist and field sprinter, signed a two-year deal with T-Systems South Africa, an ICT company based in Germany.

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South African sprinting sensation Wayde van Niekerk made sprinting history by becoming the first man to run the 100m in under 10 seconds‚ the 200m in under 20 seconds and the 400m in under 44 seconds. Watch all three of the races here.